The journey begins…

“Are we there yet?”

I don’t think any trip with kids can be completed without multiple utterances of this well-known yet annoying phrase.  We’ve all heard it, or said it ourselves.  Why do we even ask the question?  Of course it’s to learn how much longer we have left to endure the car ride before we reach the destination.  Or, possibly, to find out how much longer we have to wait until we reach a destination for which we have been anxiously awaiting.  Either way, negatively or positively, most of us have asked the question.  But what real difference does the answer make?  The length of the trip remains the same.  Ahhh…. but the knowledge gleaned from the answer (unless the answer is “we’ll get there when we get there”) helps one to mentally adjust and therefore cope with the reality.

As I write this blog I am on a trip; a journey through life.  And even though I am now older, I still catch myself asking that annoying question: “are we there yet?”  No, I’m not in a car, train or plane, and the driver, conductor, pilot is now life itself.  How much longer to my destination?  What is my destination?  Will I know when I get there?

I am not on this journey by myself; we are on this ride together.  This blog is my means of reflecting on this journey.  To share with you my observations and reflections along the way.  People who have journeyed with me have taught me much.  My years as a husband, father, clinician, administrator, and minister have made me the person I am today.  My history creates the person I am, and, combined with the present, becomes part of my future person.  The more actively involved I am with my journey, the more deeply I will learn and grow as a person.

I write this blog as a fellow journeyer reflecting on the journey.  I invite you to join me. Assuming I haven’t yet come to this journey’s end, future blog posts will reflect on the emotional, psychological and spiritual journey of everyday life of meeting people, working, reading, watching my favorite shows, and spending quality time with the family.  There is so much to experience, learn, and reflect on. 

So here we go…


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