Rest Stop (Tues) To act as a child

These past couple days my family and I were on a real journey; a vacation.  Time to get away and enjoy the sights of another area.  As I’ve previously mentioned, I love to travel; will go anywhere, anytime.  But traveling with a child (albeit a young teen) changes everything.  To see the world as she sees it, or any child for that matter, is an interesting journey in and of itself.  Children see things differently due to their different perspective, knowledge and life experience.  It really is a shame that as we age (I’m old) and our perspectives change many of us not only stop acting as a child, but stop seeing the world as a child sees the world.  These are two different things.  A quote I have used often in my life is taken from the Talmud: “we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”

In the Bible Christ advises us to “be like the little children”.  Not to act childish, but rather, to act and see the world in the perspective of a child.  How does my daughter see the world?  As a place of security, peace, wonderment, new adventures, new things to learn, etc.  What a joy to go to a place I had previously visited, but through her eyes see it in a whole different light.  One I had never even thought of.

To talk about how our perspectives change and how we can influence our perspectives is a topic for a “milestone” along the journey, not a quick “rest stop”.  But, I highly recommend you watch a video on TED from Sir Ken Robinson where he talks about what he feels kills creativity in us as we age.  It has a powerful message for us all in our quest to see the world through the eyes of a child.  His video can be found here:

The challenge for me, and for others too, is how can I be more child-like in my approach to the world?  How can I experience the wonders around me without thinking I know everything there is to know?  Do I look closely at a flower or see that bug walking in front of me?  Do I wonder where it is going or what it is doing?  Or do I not even see it all ….

The next milestone on the journey “…two roads diverged in a yellow wood…” Reflection to be posted soon


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