Rest Stop (Wednesday) …it’s less than a week away!

Christmas Day is less than a week away!  As we prepare for Christmas I wish to offer short reflections over the next few days.  I encourage you to share your reflections of the holiday with us so we all may enter into our shared lifes journey of this holiday season.  Feel free to join the conversation here, on Facebook or Google+ (search for lifes journey to “like” the page).

My short reflection today was sparked by the following quote from Huston Smith’s book “The Religions of Man”.

 “He {Jesus} was a little known Jewish carpenter who, … was born in a stable, died at the age of 33 as a criminal rather than a hero, never traveled more than ninety miles from His birthplace, owned nothing, attended no college, marshaled no army, and instead of producing books did His only writing in the sand.”

We are so loved by God that He sends His Son as one of us. Born in flesh to experience all we experience. God, born as man, to join us to Himself. What a spectacular miracle and expression of humility and love!

May we be challenged this Christmas season to emulate God’s humility in all our actions and interactions with others. May we be uplifted and encouraged in the understanding that our God knows and understands us. Let us turn to Him in time of trial and jubilation for He has experienced our emotions and so understands.


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