Rest Stop (Sunday) seriously, only 10 minutes

As I write this post the sun is shinning, although the temperature continues its downward spiral, reminding me that yes, it is Winter, irregardless of the lack of snow on the ground. The presence of the sun can be deceiving  allowing me to believe Spring is here, or that it is warm outside.  Neither are true.  Not that this depresses me, quite the opposite!  The time from when Fall enters the scene through the bitter cold Winter months I am quite excited and content!  These are my seasons; times I relish in quite the same way others are fond of the warmer Summer months.

I am aware of my uniqueness in excitement during this time of the year, just as I am aware that many find it a depressing time   Our journey has now taken us away from the holidays, relegated to our rear view mirrors.  The cold and increased darkness  coupled with the passing of the holidays, lead many along a journey they wish were different   A journey, for some, lacking in warmth and light.

Yet for me, along the perspective of my journey, I find this time of the year as one full of warmth and light.  The warmth of family, more closely united if for no other reason that we are indoors now more than any other time of the year.  The warmth of a fire, a blanket, flannel sheets, etc.  In the darkness of the season we light candles, we turn on more house lights, and in our closeness to each other, maybe we talk and reminisce about the past more than we would in the warmer seasons.  Maybe in our sharing and re-telling of stories we can “light” our darkness.  But this is my journey, and I hope the same for others.  But what if you are reading this and thinking “how nice for him, but I am depressed and stressed.  It’s dark and cold, the holidays are over, taxes are due and Spring is nowhere in sight!”  If that is your journey, please read on.  And if you are on a journey similar to mine, read on as well, for I, too, feel stress and anxiety even during my favorite time of the year.

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zen dog

In an earlier blog post I introduced you to this picture of “zen dog”.  I am a fan of dogs, and in a subsequent post plan to reflect on what I have learned from my experience with dogs which have helped me in my life’s journey.  But for now, I ask that you reflect upon this picture.  Those of you who have joined me along my journey will recall that I often write about the importance of centering ourselves and taking time each day to find our inner peace. Recognizing how we are all so busy, I have often written about needing only 10 minutes (or less) a day to center ourselves.  I rarely can find the time to reflect or meditate for any length of time, so for me, the 10 minute rule of thumb has worked well.

I bring this up now, not just because it is Winter, but the other day I came across a short video by Andy Puddicombe entitled “All it takes is 10 mindful minutes”.  Really?!  Someone else believes in the 10 minutes too?  I was thrilled!  In the video Mr. Puddicombe challenges us to take 10 minutes a day to clear our minds.  Not, as he shares, to make our minds silent, rather, embracing the thoughts by stepping back from them.  I often talk about our need to shift our perspective, and this is essentially what he recommends.  To spend quiet time stepping back and reflecting on our thoughts.  To change our perspective and perception to one of an observer and analyzer.  To, once a day along our journey, pull over at the rest stop and reflect.

I try to do this on a daily basis, but of course am not always successful.  But I will testify that when I do stop and attempt to reflect, I find myself more at peace.  We are inundated all day long by information and stimuli; when do we process it all?  How about during your 10 minute “zen” moment?

Please, take a moment along your journey to watch this short video:

I am interested to hear your thoughts about this “technique” and what you do to rest and reflect upon your life’s journey.  Please share here or on my Facebook page:   As a community we can enrich our collective journey.


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