Rest Stop (Friday) … humbling

Being ill is quite the humbling experience. To find yourself in the need of another is not an easy place to be, not for me.  I pride myself on being the helper.  Yet, one’s sense of control and independence is quickly diminished when one becomes ill.  In that moment one finds what is truly important; relationships.

It is in time of need when we recognize those who will step out of themselves and focus on another, be they spouses, family, friends or medical professionals.  In time of illness we must come to the realization that we need others.  Like it or not, we are not created as islands.  Deep down we need to be needed. We are not alone.  We are social creatures by design, yet living in a society which values independence.  But at times in our lives, as it was for me today, we are humbled into being counter cultural. Today it was not so much that I wasn’t alone, but the understanding that I can’t always go it alone.  That possibly the helper needs to be helped.

Join me in thanking God for relationships; for dear people in our lives, especially our spouses and families.  And for the wisdom that comes from humility.  And if you find yourself alone, I hope in some real way you feel the collective love of us all for you.

Be thankful!

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2 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Friday) … humbling

  1. There is a line in the Hymn Brother, Sister let me serve you that asks lt me have the grace to let you serve me too … Our weakness gives others the chance to show us that we are loved, and that they are our equal in this loving thing. Hope you recover quickly, forgive me if I ramble.


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