Rest Stop (Monday) … Holy Week

For Christians around the world today marks the beginning of Holy Week, the days before the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Holy Week has always been a special week for me both spiritually and with my family.  Spiritually, this week is a high point for me as it is filled with much emotion in the life of Jesus and His followers.   In my spiritual journey I try to understand, as best I can, what it was like living in the time of Jesus.  I read historical books as well as the Bible, but I also attempt to get into the feeling and emotions of the people.  To try to understand what was happening “behind the scenes”.  We are familiar with Bible stories, but what wasn’t recorded?  What was said and felt during those moments between the stories?

Our challenge this week is to enter into the emotions of the apostles as they experienced this week’s events.  From the joyous high of Palm Sunday to the confusion of Holy Thursday, leading to the fear and depression of Good Friday.  Their friend, Jesus, whom they left family and jobs for, is now dead, betrayed by one of their own!  Then comes the bewilderment and hope of Easter morning!

Later this week I will share with you, on this blog, a reflection on forgiveness, and of course I will be posting later Easter Sunday (after family time).  Please share with us your reflections.  What emotions are you focused on this week?  What can the apostles teach us about our own faith and life?

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4 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Monday) … Holy Week

  1. As we approach Good Friday – I’ll be reflecting upon the rather “mixed” message that was uttered by Christ on the cross: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Even in the midst of being abused and feeling forsaken – Christ still knew that He could continue to pray to God and to commend His entire life and future into the God who remained with Him (even as He suffered).


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