very quick Rest Stop (Good Friday) … love

Love; the complete & selfless giving for another; a desire to allow the other to shine & to grow. On this day, Good Friday, Christians recall Jesus, who out of love, willing gave Himself so we all may shine and grow. He agonized over this decision, hoping for another way. But in the end he says “not my will, Your will.” In trust and faith He freely suffers for us.

How do we express our love for others? Do we, in faith, trust enough to share our love? When we are suffering and finding life too difficult, in faith we turn to Jesus who not only suffered, but who also found life’s situations difficult to endure.

In my previous post I have a deeper reflection on the events of Holy Week.

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2 thoughts on “very quick Rest Stop (Good Friday) … love

  1. hi Chris — i’ve been reading lifesjourney but i guess nothing’s getting through

    It’s Holy Week and it’s Good Friday and I just ate a bagel and i feel like I committed a sin — can you imagine being so enmeshed in the belief that I should be giving something up for Good Friday or at least not indulging in something i really love!!!

    I don’t feel very holy this week. I feel angry and upset about a dozen different things. Men is one of them — and the fact that my tenants decided to move from one of my rental houses and now i have to scout around for a new tenant, not one of my favorite things to do. And yes I fully realize i am very blessed to even have a couple of houses that I own and rent. but sometimes all the rationalizing in the world just doesn’t work. I just need to be MAD!!!!

    have a wonderful Easter!

    On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 10:34 AM, lifesjourney


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