Rest Stop (Independence Day) … share your inner freedom

freedom, peace, serenity, Independence Day, love
Freedom (credit: unknown)

On this day, the celebration of Independence Day in the United States, let us never forget those who have, and still do, sacrifice for us so we can freely celebrate today!  It takes courage, strength and conviction to do what many do on a daily basis to preserve our national freedoms.

As we pause a moment to thank them, let’s think about those qualities within our own hearts and minds.  Do I too share in those qualities?  How can I, even in some small way, share those qualities with someone today who needs a little love, peace and serenity in their lives.

As we as a nation are guided into our freedoms, take a moment today to guide someone else into their own new-found freedom in life.

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2 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Independence Day) … share your inner freedom

  1. For freedom Christ has set is free, and perhaps that is the hardest thing to grasp really that we are all in very strong in him, in out deepest selves we are all a force, to be reckoned with, totally free,,


    1. Amen! I don’t believe we do recognize the power of that freedom, nor did the first followers. And if they, in His presence couldn’t see it, how can we? All the reason to foster a deep relationship with Jesus through prayer and action. Thank you for sharing!


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