Rest Stop (Sunday) … a new road to travel

Well, it had to end sometime.  Today is my last day of summer vacation as tomorrow I return to the world of academia.  First returning to the high school while next week returning to the university.  It is bittersweet since for every new venture, or change, comes a period of bereavement for that which has been.  

I took this picture from my backyard:

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While I watch sunsets I reflect on many different topics, but recently I wondered what our ancient relatives thought when they saw their first sunset.  Were they in a sense of wonder and awe, or were they filled with fear?  I would think more so the latter.  Ignorant of astronomy, they had no idea if the sun would ever appear again.  They experienced a period of light and warmth, then cold and darkness enveloped them.  Would the light return?  Would it stay dark for ever?  After a few cycles of sunsets and sunrises I am sure they began to understand, based upon their experience, that the darkness was temporary.

How true is this in our own lives?  We, the knowledgeable ones, often, in the face of change or the unknown, fear what will happen next.  Even though we have experienced times of joy and happiness in our lives, when times of sorrow appear we tend to forget that those times of joy can and do return.  What can we learn from our ancient ancestors, and from nature?

Yes, my vacation may be ending, but new adventures await.  And, my experience tells me that another vacation will once again rise.

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