Rest Stop (Tuesday) … the wonder of snow

winter, snow, farm, peace, perspective, joy, life, serenity
Winter Scene (Credit: unknown)

It’s snowing at my house! No matter your views on snow, stop a moment and look around … can you see the beauty? Do you still feel a sense of wonder and excitement when it snows? Do you find yourself acting like a kid again? Get out and enjoy the world around you! We spend so much time indoors that I fear we have lost touch with nature. We typically don’t observe the natural world around us, at least not like we did when we were children. Today, spend a moment and find that child-like wonderment again. Share with us what you “discover”!

life, journey, blizzard, snow, anxiety, stress, meditation, reflection, God, Jesus, hope, wonder
My house after the first of two blizzards to hit in 2010 (credit: Blog Author)

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