Rest Stop (Saturday) … learning humility from space

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Taken from surface of Mars Jan 31, 2014 (credit: Curiosity

Today I discovered this picture, taken by the Mars rover, Curiosity, on January 31, 2014 looking up at the Earth from the Mar’s surface.  To think that on that small speck in the Martian sky is where we live.  And on that small speck think of your piece of that speck.  Personally, I find this perspective to be quite humbling as it helps me to more fully understand the larger universe and my roll in it.

Those of you accustomed to reading my posts know that I have a few common themes, one of which is “perspective“.  I’m always trying to challenge myself to look at life and my surroundings from a different angle to hopefully learn to think differently.  When was the last time you spent a moment reflecting on the reality that we, residents of planet Earth, are constantly in motion?

earth, perspective, peace, serenity, hope
planet Earth from space (credit: unknown)

According to my research, the earth is spinning, at the equator, at a speed of roughly 1,000mph!  While we are spinning we are also moving forward at an estimated speed of 67,000mph!  Wow!  At all times, no matter what we personally are doing, the ground below us is spinning and moving forward.  When was the last time you thought about that?  In reality, we are sitting on a giant ball spinning and moving through space!

As I contemplate the fact that I am riding upon a giant moving ball, my mind wandered to

tea cups, earth, perspective, hope, peace, serenity
tea cups amusement ride (credit: unknown)

the tea cups amusement ride.  As a kid I used to love that ride!  As the cups moved along the track you could independently spin your cup.  So much fun!  Now, as an adult, spinning in that way is not so much fun for me, although I still do ride the rollercoasters.

So, as I’m contemplating the movement of the earth I realize that our ride through life is quite like that of an amusement ride.  As a child we tend to enjoy most of the rides, usually the scarier the ride the better; the more the ride made your stomach turn the better; the faster the better.  But it seems that as we age we begin to avoid those areas in our life which seem to be scary, stomach-turning, and fast.  We tend to look for predictable, safe, and slow (I’m not talking about pace, I’m talking about challenges).

My challenge today is to reflect upon the ride on which I have embarked; the ride on our ball through space, and our ride through the journey of our life.  How do we react to our ride?  Do we fear it; avoid it; raise our hands up; scream; grab the person next to us; simply let ourselves go … How do you approach this ride?

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2 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Saturday) … learning humility from space

  1. Wow!

    We’re on a planet spinning 1,000 miles per hour which is flying through space at 67,000 miles per hour!?

    No wonder I sometimes feel a little off-balance!

    Keep up the good work.


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