Rest Stop (Saturday) … out to sea

Have you ever stood on the edge of the water, or the bow of a ship, and simply stared into the expanse of the water? Why are we drawn to do that; to stare into the vastness of the water?

sea, ship, freedom, life, journey, ocean, peace, serenity, stress, anxiety, God
“Let the sea set you free” (credit: blog author’s daughter)

My youngest daughter took this picture from our boat as we were sailing our local waterways, later adding the saying “Let the sea set you free”.

For me, looking out into the water is a very peaceful experience, calming me no matter how anxious or upset I may be at the moment.  But why?  Is it because water means life?  Does it resonate in our collective memories from centuries of living by the water for sustenance?  I don’t know the answers, nor do I think the answers are as important as is the effect the water has on us.

How do you find your inner peace when life is getting the better of you?

sunset, life, journey, meditation, reflection, anxiety, stress, change, anticipation, meaning, spiritual, serenity
August sunset

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2 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Saturday) … out to sea

  1. I agree – being near water is incredibly relaxing.

    Meditation and taking a long walk (especially if it’s through a park or woods) are also things that work really well for me.


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