Rest Stop (Monday) … a child’s gift

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A Child’s Gift (credit:

There is so much that we can learn from observing children! Unfortunately, as we journey through life we tend to lose our child-like qualities, replacing them by more “adult” and responsible qualities.  But in the process of maturing, do we have to forego the child-like qualities?  No, we don’t, and I believe that we need to challenge ourselves to regain those child-like qualities.

Children are trusting, observant of the world around them, curious, inquisitive, believing that anything is possible, full of wonder, seeing the world around them as magical and special, giving gifts to those whom they trust and love, and believing that a simple rock is a treasured gift to be shared.

Think of what the world would be like if we all, in our adult maturity, regained our child-like qualities …

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6 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Monday) … a child’s gift

  1. So true!! I get to hang out with my (almost 3 year old) son every day and he is full of such wonder. He teaches me so much and he reminds me of the value of a child-like heart. Thanks for sharing this! Many Blessings, Hannah


  2. If you’ve ever walked with a 2-year old, even a short distance, then you know what this is like. They can walk so slowly, so deliberately, and look at everything in wonder. Even a small leaf can seem something magic to study.
    This can annoy some adults. Others take it as inspiration and start to notice wonder-fullness of their own lives. It’s a choice, and it’s pretty simple to do.


      1. There’s hope for anyone who slows down enough to notice a dazzling rainbow, breathe in a flower’s aroma, or enjoy that they’re breathing at all.
        The question I have – since nearly all of us have had these experiences at some point in our lives – how do we forget? How can we remember?


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