Rest Stop (Wednesday) … lessons from the frog

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frog in our pond

As I am reflecting on this post I am listening to the sounds of passion!  It is the genuine and beautiful sound of passion longing for a response.  A passionate sound which lasts for hours on end.  The producer of the sound hopes to attract attention.

I cannot help but to eavesdrop on this yearly ritual hearkening the beginning of Spring; the passionate croaking of frogs in our pond.

Every Spring, ever since we built the pond, my evenings are filled with the passionate sounds of romance.  Referring to the sounds as “croaking” is an injustice not only to their melodious sound, but also to their intent.  But it is not the sound itself which impresses me, rather, it is the passion in the sound.  Hour-by-hour, evening-by-evening, for days and weeks they come to call their mate.  There is no concern of what others think as it is the frog’s sole intent to communicate passion.

Passion is most likely the strongest of our emotions, if it may be called one at all since passion is more of an action.  Passion is that driving force behind what we ultimately do, in action, in response to a strongly held emotion.  As with my frogs, their passion for longevity and maintaining the species leads them to vocalize for hours, days and weeks.

What are we passionate about in our lives?

What is it within ourselves holding us back from sharing that passion with those around us?  And when we do share our passions, what is that driving force giving us the courage to do so?

As I have often said in my posts, I don’t have all the answers, but I try to ask the questions which will give me answers to improve my journey.  I am not reflecting on this topic to give you a blueprint.  That would actually be counter to the essence of passion.  Rather, I hope when you reflect on this post you will give yourself the freedom to feel passion,  and to find the strength and the courage to share it with everyone!!

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