Rest Stop (Sunday) … the spider & the fly

spider, web, normal, stress, peace, joy, serenity
spider web

How can one define “normal”? Is there actually a means by which we can label someone or something as “normal”? I can still recall one of my psychology professors speaking on this very topic.  He explained normal by drawing a straight horizontal line on the chalkboard, and in the middle of the line he wrote “normal”.  He explained that all of us fluctuate from left to right of center, of normal.  The issue was not that we all fluctuate away from the center; for my professor, the issue was how far away from the center one fluctuated!

The other night I went with the family to see a local production of the musical “The Addams Family”.  It was a professionally acted rendition by a local group of teenage actors, but their performance aside, a line in the musical struck me:

“What is normal for the spider is a calamity for the fly.”

The question I ask is not “am I normal”, or “am I like everyone else”?  I think we need to ask ourselves the question “am I being true to me?”

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