Rest Stop (Sunday)… seeking peace


Peace! Most of us search for this. We desire world peace, family peace, personal peace. No matter what most of us do we can’t seem to grasp the elusive feeling of peace.  Why? I think it’s because most of us think of peace as a feeling.

Happiness comes and goes. It is a fleeting feeling which we desperately try to hold onto but can’t.  When we lose happiness we seek near and far to get it back,  yet the longer and harder I try to find happiness, the more my anxiety rises. A cycle of disappointment begins.

Is it wrong to seek happiness? Of course not! Assuming your expectations on the results of your search are reasonable.  What I suggest is that we stop seeking to find a fleeting emotion, rather, that we seek an inner peace.

Peace is not an emotion but a state of mind.  A way of living life. Therefore we can feel any emotion yet remain at peace in the same moment.  I can feel anger at an injustice while feeling an inner peace, or grieve over a loss yet feel an inner peace. 

What is inner peace? I “define” inner peace as a deep, unchanging sense and belief in being comfortable with who I am. Not that I am perfect, no longer needing to grow, but that I am comfortable with me now as I continually try to grow into the best me I can be.

Where do I find this peace? All around me if I am looking for it.


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