Rest Stop (Sunday) … make life longer live in the moment

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Charlie Brown worry

Worry … We all worry, but I feel many of us worry more often than we used to. Is it because of age or changing culture? Does it seem to you, as it does to me, that the more technologically advanced we get the more we tend to worry?

I too am prone to worry and have asked myself why I worry; what is the act of worrying doing for me? Does my worry make the situation better? Am I feeling better? Since the answer is always “no”, then what purpose does it serve me to worry? Yet I continue to worry.

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Life is too short

“Life is too short …” The older I become the quicker time seems to advance, so yes, I can understand the phrase “life is too short.” It seems to me that we need to find a way to make our lives longer. Of course many people would say that the less one worries the longer one’s life would be; or exercise, eat healthy, reduce stress, these actions will make you live longer. I won’t debate any of those suggestions, but I have known people who eat the right foods, exercise, reduce stress, etc, and yet have died at too young an age. So, is there a way to make my life longer without doing any of those actions?

I believe there is: change your perspective, your way of thinking, and live in the moment. We tend to keep our thoughts in either the past or the future, hence our stress and worry.  We worry about those things we have no control over, and events which are done in the past, or not yet happened in the future. Past and future events we have no control. If I feel out of control (not being in control of events) I will feel stress and therefore worry. But, if I keep my mind, my thoughts, my perspective, my focus, on the present moment, my worry will decrease since I have a bit more control over events which are currently happening.

How can I lessen my worry?

  1. Refocus my thoughts on the present moment. If my thoughts drift, bring them back.
  2. Spend at least 10 minutes a day in quiet reflection, either sitting still or slowly walking through nature, observing the little things; ants, plants, spiders, etc.
  3. Reduce your focus and dependence on “things”. Material objects, when made the center of our lives, can cause us stress. Let’s reflect on the words of St. Francis of Assisi when asked why he and his followers gave up material objects: “If we had possessions, we would need weapons to defend them. They are frequently a source of quarrels and lawsuits. Possessions usually prove to be an obstacle in one’s search for God. That is why we do not desire temporal goods.”
  4. Help others by sharing a smile, volunteering, being present to those who simply need your presence

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2 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Sunday) … make life longer live in the moment

  1. Thanks for the guidance on how to get past worry.
    I’ve heard it said that worry comes from getting stuck in the past or future. We either imagine what might happen in the future, or dwell on what happened (or seemed to happen) in the past.
    My sister explained why worry works for her, and I’m nonplussed. She claims that worry has helped keep problems away. The terrible things she’s imagined might happen haven’t happened, and she claims that it’s because she worried about them. Is there a way out of that logic?


    1. I appreciate your kind words! If I may ask, why would you want a “way out” of your sister’s logic if it is working for her? Granted, her way of approaching the future is not my own, but I believe I understand the “logic”. If she consistently imagines the worst, and the worst does not happen, then she is relieved, whereas the converse would have her caught off guard so to speak. If her worrying is negatively affecting her life, my suggestion is for her to read my post and do her best at living in the moment while preparing for the future events for which she has control.


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