Rest Stop (Tuesday) … guest on radio show “Spirituality of Connectedness”

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Unity Online Radio

Today at 5:00pm EST I’m a guest on “Spirit of Recovery” radio show (

I will be speaking on the spirituality of connectedness and taking calls. The call in number is: 888-558-6489.

The “spirituality of connectedness” is about moving out of isolation into connection with oneself, a Higher Power and other people, joining in the community of life. I will share with the audience how a holistic approach using the psychological method of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from a spiritual perspective leads to self-awareness and connection.

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Radio call in:  888-558-6489

Facebook discussion:


Email:  bloglifesjourney(at)gmail(dot)com


2 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Tuesday) … guest on radio show “Spirituality of Connectedness”

  1. I didn’t catch it live but was able to listen this morning. We practice Unity principles and do listen to Unity Online Radio, but I wouldn’t have caught that particular show on my own. Thanks for letting us know. It was good to hear your voice and learn more about your own personal and professional journey.


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