Rest Stop (Thursday)… feelings, the longest journey

This past week my life’s journey has not been a smooth one. My father was in the hospital and I was in my very first car accident. Actually, the accident and learning of my father’s diagnosis both happened in close proximity to each other. In a true sense of blessing my father is treatable and no one, except my car, was injured in the crash.

People who know me say that I’m not emotional, but that’s not accurate. I am very emotional, deep within me where no one but myself and my God are aware of the depth of my emotions. Externally I am calm, cool, and collected. As far back as I can recall I have been this way. Why? The easy answer; because that’s who I am. The real answer; because emotions are messy and not always in my control.


So, if emotions are something I avoid discussing, why would I ever voluntarily bring up the topic!? I began writing this blog, as I said in my first post, mainly for me as a sort of public journal. A way for me to reflect on my life and learn what I could, while also hoping others would benefit as well. A couple years into reflecting on this site and I now realize that my journey is not a solitary one, but a journey with others who are also struggling along the way.

A phrase I would often use with my clients is “the longest distance traveled is from the head to the heart”. I was encouraging my clients to stop analyzing and feel. To stop thinking it through but rather feel your way through.

As I come to the end of this stop along my journey I usually leave you with a few action steps to take with you; not this time. I am instead asking you to share with me your struggles with expressing emotions so that I might work on becoming more emotionally expressive.

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10 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Thursday)… feelings, the longest journey

  1. I have learned to face my emotions through practising stillness. That is where I can allow them to surface openly and where I can feel safe to let them go.

    Overtime this practice has allowed these emotions that I usually suppress to be present when they are needed and help me let go when it is time.

    Your personality is just one that is naturally inward and that is ok. As long as you learn to let them go in a place of silence, you will heal just the same.

    You deserve to show and have emotions too. Just give yourself permission.

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  2. So sorry about the tough week. My mother always thought I was cold and unfeeling when actually the opposite is true. In an emergency I go on autopilot and take care of what needs to be done. I seem to be handling things on my own so people let me. What they don’t see is that I fall apart later. Over the years I have also learned my emotional limits and know if I react to everything as a crisis I am heading for big trouble. This is one of those areas where I think everyone is different and we all have to find our own way. Unfortunately, that is often not easy.


    1. Thank you for your sentiments and your sharing! You and I are similar in that in a crisis the outward appearance is one of calm, not at all a reflection on what is happening on the inside. How havr you learned to express your emotions ?


      1. My art is a big way I express emotions. That is why I make sure I have studio time. If I don’t do it on a conscious level, it will come out in dreams/nightmares which is not cool. I also try not to repress genuine expressions of emotion. I love to laugh and am also a big crier. I take long walks to work off anger. As an empath, a tricky thing for me can be sorting out my emotions from what is going on with someone else. I really wish I were better at that.


  3. I’m so glad to hear that your Dad’s illness is treatable and that you weren’t hurt in your accident, Chris! As for emotions… mine are usually hanging all out there for everyone to see, but when I’m going through an especially difficult thing, I tend to keep that to myself. I usually go through the process alone with the Lord and then share about it afterwards.


      1. I’m not really sure why I tend to keep the more difficult things to myself. Maybe because I don’t want to burden others (be a downer), or maybe I’m afraid they won’t fully understand and will judge me, I don’t really know. I’m usually very open about everything, but I guess with some of the deeper issues I just keep between me and the Lord.


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