Rest Stop (Halloween)… masks we wear

pumpkin, Halloween, mask, joy, peace, serenity

Happy Halloween!

Traditionally tonight we dress up, put on masks, and act other than who we are. It’s fine to do that today,  but do we wear “masks” every day? What gets in the way of me being myself?

Believe in yourself and take a risk. Start by showing your true self to yourself. You will be wonderfully surprised at what happens!

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2 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Halloween)… masks we wear

  1. Yes, it’s true, most of us wear masks all year. We think the “candy” we get (approval) might sustain us. Of course, like the candy from Halloween, it doesn’t nourish or satisfy us. It’s not so great for those who want to see behind our masks, either.
    I’ve noticed that in the times I do share what’s going on with me, I get some new rewards. More people respond and open themselves. Then, I get to learn more about them, more about myself, and connected more deeply.


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