Rest Stop (Monday) … it all started with just one flake

Family Circus, perspective, child-like, zen, meditation, joy, happy, peace, serenity
Family Circus comic strip

Out of the mouths of babes. I believe that’s how the saying goes. Snow and cold are two of the reasons I love Winter, and in the past week I have been blessed to have experienced both (as well as ice, but that’s another story). I know that not everyone feels blessed by Winter, but I urge all of us, myself included, to see this season how children see it. Not to become a child, but to view our world in the way that a child does. Children find the simplicity in nature, seeing wonder and magic in all that is around them.

What changes in us as we grow older that we forget our child-like wonder? For me, the simple answer is “life”. Life, with all of its distractions and worries and stress, keeps us away from viewing our world with wonder; and our education has taken away our sense of magic.

How do we regain a part of our child-like wisdom and view of the world? Here are my thoughts:

1.  Meditate:  Take a moment to sit in silence; clear your mind; then bring to your consciousness memories of your childhood in the snow (or any type of weather).

2.  Record.  Write down, preferably not on an electronic device, the feelings from your childhood experiences in the snow. What were your stressors at the time? How did you feel while immersed in nature?

3.  Apply.  Think of the wonders around you as a child and figure out how you can focus on those wonders today. Go outside, focusing in the moment, don’t allow your “adult” worries to enter your mind, rather, look at the snow and the ice. What do you see? What are the patterns? As in the comic above, think of the “magic” that merely one snowflake piled on top of another on top of another, etc.

4.  Journal.  After spending time in nature, write down how you felt; what you “discovered”; how stressed you felt; when you will do this activity again.

Sally Forth, perspective, child-like, zen, meditation, joy, happy, peace, serenity
Sally Forth comic strip

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2 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Monday) … it all started with just one flake

  1. It snowed most of the day here. This time it was just snow — I don’t like ice either. When I walked up the hill to get the mail it was so peaceful and beautiful. It was indeed a sacred time. Before I went inside I couldn’t resist making a snow angel in the front yard! I hope you were able to find time to enjoy the snow.

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