Rest Stop (Spring) … Spring’s rebirth in nature and us

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Spring (credit: blog’s author)

Do you feel it?  There is a change in the air.  The sun is a bit brighter and lasting longer, the air is losing it’s crispness, and the flowers are beginning to bloom!  Where I live I know that Spring is coming by the position of the sun at sunset while hearing the cries of the returning osprey.  If you haven’t before took the opportunity to notice, yes, the sun does set in the west, but not due west.  As winter changes into spring, and spring into summer, and summer into fall, the sunset moves from the SSW to the NNW.  Watching where it sets let’s me know how far into each season we are and how close we are to the next season’s arrival.  Yes, I know, there is technology to tell me this, but nature doesn’t typically require a re-boot if the software or app acts up.

I am not at all anti-technology, but I do feel it would serve us well to return to our roots. Have you ever reflected on what the earliest humans felt and thought as they observed their environment?  I can only imagine the confusion and fear of that first autumn and winter as our ancestors wondered, probably in fear, why the trees were dying, why the crops stopped growing and the green plants turned brown.  Where and why did the animals go to hide, and why have the birds flown away?  I would imagine their feelings turning to despair as time moved on and the weather worsened with cold, snow and darkness.  If you didn’t know that spring and summer were returning, what would you be thinking, feeling and doing?  Imagine our ancestors’ feelings when the climate began to change as spring neared.  The animals are returning, birds arriving in the skies, trees coming back to life!  It’s all back!!  Can you imagine?!  Our ancestors must have been in awe, wonder, surprise, gratitude ….  All is once again well with the world, and with them.  Over time they would learn to read nature’s signs and adjust their lives accordingly.  Imagine what that learning process was like.  The joys in the revelations and new-found knowledge must have been incredible!

How are you effected by the arrival of spring?  Do you sense the newness?  What can we do to make the most of spring? As was true for our ancestors, spring is a time for us to be filled with awe and wonder at new possibilities.  Regardless of what has happened in our lives, as nature is now re-born, we too are re-born because we have an opportunity to do things differently; to change.  But how can I change?

Most of us have felt stuck in our lives at some point.  One of the reasons why we feel stuck is due to our own thinking.  We convince ourselves that we are stuck. A counselor whom I have known now for many years, Terrance Gorski, wrote this quote:

“I am capable of thinking …yet I am not my thoughts; I am the thinker of my thoughts; therefore I can change what I feel and still be me.”

In other words, since I am the one who thinks and creates my thoughts, it is in my power and capacity to change my thoughts.  In so doing I change the way I feel.  This in no way changes the events we live through, but if  I can change how I think, and thereby feel, the event no longer controls me; I empower myself.

Just as spring brings newness from the dead of winter, changing our thoughts has the power to bring newness to our lives.

  1. Spend ten minutes in quiet thinking about those areas in your life you want to change.  Make a list.
  2. On your list write down your thoughts/feelings about those areas of your life.
  3. What is the new thought you need to have to make the necessary changes? Ask someone for help in doing this.
  4. Practice daily, hourly, or by the minute if necessary, thinking your new way.

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