Rest Stop (Friday) … look at life in innocence & humor

humor, skunk, kitten, nature, life, inspirational, zen, mindfulness, lifesjourney

Ahhh …. the innocence of children …

We need to never forget to find the humor in life. Yes, life is serious, but if we see life through the eyes of  innocence, and in a change in our perspective, we will notice that humor is all around us. It’s all about our response to what is happening in life. Our response originates from our past experiences and how we view ourselves. Change your view of self and you will begin to see the world around you from a new perspective. Or, attempt to see the world differently, and eventually you will change on the inside.

Take a moment today to find the humor and innocence in the world around you. Pause what you are doing, breathe, and look at life with the innocence of a child. What do you see?

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