Rest Stop (Monday) … life’s little victories

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Knight Life “Life’s Little Victories”

Yesterday, as I was reading the Sunday comics, this comic caught my attention. It didn’t catch my attention for its humor, rather for its realism! How many times have I missed these moments? How often do I focus on the negative, not looking beyond my initial negativity to find a perspective I never imagined?

We’ve all had these moments. The time I left my sunglasses on the top of my car and drove off; or the time I left my full, hot, coffee on the top of my car as I walked across campus to teach my university class, only to realize, too late, that the coffee was still on my rooftop. After teaching that three-hour night class, upon returning to my car, there it was, the cup of coffee, exactly where I had left it. At that moment I did what any coffee addict would do; I drank it on my way home!

When we focus on the moment we see and experience life in a different way than if we rush through life. Rushing through life I miss the “little moments”. When I slow down, observe my surroundings, see myself, and view life from a different perspective, I might find that what I initially thought was a negative experience, may turn into a life victory. I just need to look at the event differently.

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4 thoughts on “Rest Stop (Monday) … life’s little victories

      1. Oddly enough I see little lessons everyplace I go. It may be a bumper sticker on a car or a silly sign on the side of the road. The lesson presents itself to me. I guess what I do is stay open and welcome different perspectives. I know for me, they help me grow as a person. I know that the way I think and feel is dependent on circumstances, my moods and especially my attitude. Sometimes I need to change all three and the only way is to see them in a different light 😉

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