Rest Stop (Friday) … On air talking about spirituality at work

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Mindfulness, or living in the moment, is the main theme of my writing and personal philosophy. I don’t write about it from an academic sense. No, I write about it because the more I try to live in the moment the more I understand the wisdom of living in the moment. My life, which used to be filled with much stress and anxiety, is calmer today because of my daily practice of living in the moment. I’m not always “practicing what I preach”, but I know from experience that mindfulness works, so I write about what is working in my life. One of the inspirations for my search for inner peace is my faith in God and my daily living in that relationship.

Yesterday I was honored to be a guest on the Faith Positive Radio show! Click the link to listen to the show:

faith positive radio logoIn the show I speak with Dr. Joey Faucette and Mike Van Vranken on integrating scripture and spirituality into your work. Many of us, myself included, are good at compartmentalizing our lives, meaning that we tend to act one way while at home and with friends, and yet another when we are at work. I know many spiritual and religious people who talk often of their faith everywhere they are, but not at work. Granted, in some work settings one is not permitted to speak of their faith, but no one can be stopped acting and behaving in a faith-filled way.

I’m not saying anything that is easy, but I am talking about finding ways that we can be true to ourselves and our beliefs while in the workplace. This is the basis of my talk on Faith Positive Radio. I don’t think the three of us came up with an “answer”, but we reflected and talked sincerely about how we try our best to live out our faith.

I hope you have a moment to listen to the show, and please share with us your views on this topic. How do you live out your faith in the workplace, and what has worked, or not worked, for you?

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