Rest stop (Sunday)… finding happiness

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Laughter (credit: Psychology Today)

Happiness is an experience and a feeling most of us seek yet many of us fail to achieve. There is no magical path to happiness, but there are ways of finding and feeling that which we seek and desire. I often write about staying in the moment and spending time each day meditating so as to focus on what is happening within us. We are “healthiest” when we focus on the present since that is all that exists. For me and my experience, happiness and peace can be found through this practice.

I love it when the research confirms what we already knew. Recent research out of Harvard confirms that staying in the moment brings us happiness. When we focus on the past or future, non-existent entities, we feel stress and anxiety as our brains do not deal well with the unknown.

Please take a moment to read these articles. What are your thoughts on putting these techniques into practice?



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2 thoughts on “Rest stop (Sunday)… finding happiness

  1. My brother is recovering from a heart attack, stroke and brain bleed that has left him more than a little mixed up and disoriented, when visiting my sister and I try to keep his attention in the present moment and find it does help. He is making steady progress and strangely, more happy and contented than before the stroke.

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